June 15, 2015 · Netflix · 1 comment

Netflix has become one of the most used providers in the United States. What makes this site so popular is that fact that for just a few dollars a month, users can watch various movies. This growing popularity has driven Netflix to enter the TV business of creating new and original shows. Shows like Lilly Hammer and House of Cards have captured the interest of the audiences.

The company is getting a whole lot bigger now that Netflix has decided to pick up the recently cancelled show of Degrassi. This show will be renamed Degrassi: Next Class. This first batch of episodes are scheduled to arrive in 2016.

Netflix will continue growing popular as they begin creating children’s series. New shows named Tarzan and Jane, An Army of Frogs, Puffin Rocks, and Cirque Du Soleil Luna Petunia will all be new aired Netflix series. It is clear that Netflix is beginning to rise the TV shows making industry and not only has been creating hit shows like Orange is the New Black but have been intending to appeal their shows to all age groups.

With these new shows being aired on the website, it is clear the Netflix is a rising force in the TV making industry. Their popularity makes them competition for other channels such as Qnet and HBO.