July 6, 2018 · NGP VAN · (No comments)

NGP VAN is the company responsible for providing digital services to the US Democratic Party, as well as other progressive organizations, nonprofits, and municipalities. For instance, the company played a crucial role in President Obama’s campaign’s voter contact, fundraising, volunteer, and compliance in all the 50 states. Other notable figures in the Democratic Party who have benefited from NGP VAN’s services are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. The primary objective of the organization is to promote progressive agendas by offering technology services that can advance those particular agendas.

In its pursuit for integration and inclusivity, NGP VAN has created an application to target LGBTQ persons in their software, MiniVAN. Contrary to the traditional use of binary gender labels that companies use to collect data, MINI VAN incorporates non-gender binary pronouns in the voters’ records to allow supporters to be addressed appropriately. The changes in the technology are essential for Democratic campaigns as there are more than 10 million LGBTQ voters in the United States spread across the urban and suburban areas. More importantly, it is now possible to address LGBTQ persons accurately, and therefore promote a more inclusive view on gender.

No doubt, NGP VAN is dedicated to realizing gender equality as proven by its recent celebrations of International Day without a Woman. The purpose of the celebrations was to stress the importance of women in the workplaces and especially in the fields of technology and science. The organization seeks to promote diversity in the workplace as well as promote the rights of women as a gender that is yet to be fully acknowledged. Such efforts reaffirm that the organization is true to its original course of supporting progressive ideas and seeking equality for all human beings.

NGP VAN technology has been more like a breakthrough for political campaigns. The technology allows campaigns to target specific groups of people as candidates can craft campaigns by what voters like, their political views, and the reforms they want to see. The MiniVan app available for download enables canvassers to enter data in a simplified way as compared to the traditional paper methods. Markedly, NGP VAN is at the forefront of easing political campaigns as well as advancing progressive ideas.