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Born in New York City, in 1991, Billy was raised in Short Hills, New Jersey. He had a normal upbringing, but he was an outstanding kid. When he was just 13 years old, he founded his company. The company was an online outsourcing business that helped clients find the designers they were looking for. Like most young geniuses, BillyMcFarland attended a respectable college; Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. There, he studied computer engineering before dropping out.

It was near the end of his freshman that he used his new found free-time and founded another online company. This one, Spling, was an online ad platform. According to  Fortune, Billy McFarland is currently still the CEO of this company. The site enables users to up the appearance of their URLs. It takes the text links of their sites and converts them into images organized as mosaics. Some of the big name clients using Spling include Discovery and Universal.

But, arguably one of his most successful ventures is Magnises. When he was 23 years old, he founded a social club that allowed other millennials, like himself, to all share in the fabulous lifestyle. They hold events and offers deals that can only be accessed if the person holds one of the club’s exclusive black cards.

The card is a real card that is usually linked to the person’s bank account or credit card. They do this so that any payments made can actually be charged. Aside from that, the only actual perk of owning one of Magnises’ Black Cards is what comes along with being a member.

The card allows its holder to get certain discounts at restaurants and bars, or even at clubs and private concerts. It also offers luxurious getaways and other things of that source. Billy wanted to create a platform that allowed millennials to connect with new business, both on and offline.

Businesses like La Esquina, Goldbar, and Cyc are some of the businesses getting in on the new platform. Beyond just offering discounts and members-only exclusives, they also offer private parties and concerts with celebrities like Rick Ross.

The company has only been around for about two years and already has over 6000 members. The cost of being a member is $250 a year. There’s also an app that members use to locate, research, and pick out which activities and deals they have access to.