June 1, 2015 · Pop · (No comments)

Despite being bloody and hurt, Enrique Iglesias finished his show in Tijuana on Sunday night. Although it isn’t known how injured Iglesias is, it was obvious to fans that the Latin singer was bleeding and in pain during his late night show. Blood covered his white t-shirt, but the singer refused to end his concert, despite pleas from his people. The injury occurred when Iglesias grabbed a drone flying over his head during the concert. Reportedly, Iglesias grabbed the drone to give the crowd a point-of-view shot. However, Skout wrote something went terribly wrong and Iglesias’ fingers were sliced pretty badly. A 1/2 hour after his injury, Iglesias said goodbye to fans, and was rushed to the airport. From there, it is believed Iglesias was put on a plane to see a specialist in Los Angeles. At this time, it is unclear how severe the singer’s injuries are.