There was a time when communicating with a loved one who was behind bars was so expensive that people used to consider it a luxury. Of course this was before companies such as Securus started working in the sector. In the five years that the company has been in business, there have been many huge changes which have happened in the sector. Below are some of the reviews that have been written by people who have been fortunate enough to engage the services of Securus Technologies.


One of their main clients is a correctional facility which was having an issue with inmates accessing commodities such as food, cell phones and even weapons from the outside. When they reached out to Securus, they were offered number technological gadgets for their facility. Within a week, the company was able to tap into some of the communications, apprehend the main culprits and resolve the crime.


The other step that Securus has made as a company is that they have managed to venture away from the correctional facilities and gets clients who are private citizens. This has made it possible for them to help corporate clients who have issues with some of their employees. Their technology gathers information and allows the company to eliminate those people who could be engaging in malpractices which could lead to legal trouble for the company.


There are many awards that the CEO of Securus Rick Smith has received on behalf of the company for their exemplary work. For instance, they have been certified by the better business bureau because they are really mindful of their clients in all their business transactions. In the five years that the company has been in operation, they have won the confidence of the more than 20,000 correctional facilities from around the country who subscribe to their services and the sky is the limit for them.



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The Stevie Awards recently announced that Securus Technology, the nation’s leading inmate communications provider, had made the final three cut in its awards. This means that Securus is guaranteed, at a minimum, to walk away with a Bronze Award. The awards are given in recognition of meritorious service and excellent customer care throughout the prior year. Companies contend with thousands of entrants, but only three are chosen for the coveted award. For Securus, this signifies a high-water mark among the ebbs and flows that their business has experienced over the last decade. But it also serves as a vindication of its management’s customer-first, technology-driven philosophy.



The biggest winners are the families


Securus has many direct customers of its services and even more stakeholders. But, of them all, it’s the families of inmates who have gained the most from Securus’ innovative and industry-changing technologies.


The most prominent example is their video visitation system. Just over ten years ago, if a family wanted to visit an incarcerated loved one, they would have been forced to drive, sometimes hundreds of miles, to the prison and see them in-person. Aside from the terrible indignities the innocent experience when entering a prison environment for the first time, these odysseys often proved financially disastrous for the poor families of the inmates. A family who lives in Chicago, where the crime of their loved one was committed, may have to travel hundreds of miles to Vienna, IL, to visit their son. In a real case, the family of a man convicted in San Diego was forced to drive to San Quentin, on the shores of the San Francisco bay. These trips cost families thousands and often left them with no choice but to forego seeing their loved one.


Today, a video visitation costs a mere $.05 per minute, and inmates are allowed virtually unlimited face-to-face access to their family members.