November 10, 2015 · Product Campaign · (No comments)

Our pets like us need to be well fed by the right food that is highly nutritious as well as balanced. That is exactly what the baneful foods offer to our dogs. Nutrition is important because it prevent the pets from becoming sick or malnutrition. Purina a well-known dog food marketing agency also stands behind the Beneful dog food on Walmart Stores  saying if anyone wishes to have a healthy dog that’s the best choice. The company has launched a campaign dubbed I stand behind baneful food which is aimed at marketing the food via different platforms.

The platforms include advertising on the television as a commercial, a full page expose on the New York Times the Sunday issue. Purina knows quite well that baneful is a quality dog food that is why they have come together to support the pet owners to make the right food. The company that was introduced back in the year 2001 has done tremendously well in manufacturing the best food for dogs both wet and dry food.

For more information on about baneful dog food manufacturers log into you can also check out what our associates are saying about beneful fool you can check out on On 8th June 2015 the company launched a campaign that was aimed at giving the company more publicity as well as encourage pet owners to buy their products. The campaign featured the men and women who have participated in making the Beneful Brand a success.
Purina Nestle Company was in charge of the campaigns. The company is in charge of promoting heathy and responsible treating of pets. Among 8 bags of beneful company are manufacture by Purina`. The company is a leading global company that promotes wellness, heath in addition to responsibility. For more information you can log into The above article was published by PR Newswire