January 4, 2017 · Soft & Smooth Lips · (No comments)

EOs Lip Balm has been a fine product in the cosmetics industry for some time now, and they are pressuring companies at the top of the heap with new products every year. They are a startup that turned into a company worth about $250 million on the strength of their formula and marketing. This article explains how EOS Lip Balm helps every kid have soft lips while enjoying an explosion of color.

#1: The Colors Are Beautiful

The EOS Lip Balm brand relies heavily on the bright colors that are found on each package. The packages look lovely because they have been chosen for their vibrant colors, and each new ball of lip balm gives kids a new color to play with. The brand wants all kids to have a go at their lip balm, and the brand wants kids to know that they are progressive and fun. EOS has taken over the shelves at leading supermarkets such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens and even Ulta.

#2: They Use A Fine Formula

The formula at EOS Lip Balm is different from any other in the industry, and it is one that people have been hoping for for years. The soft quality of the balm makes it easy to use, and the ball packaging makes it easy to lather on. Anyone with dry lips can get their lips back to normal in just a few passes of the EOS Lip Balm brand.

#3: Several Flavors

EOS Lip Balm believes in giving kids what they want, and they know that kids want to see the flavors in the lip balms come to life. EOS goes for many of the most popular flavors of the day, and they have offered more every coming year to help kids find the right style for them.

Each kid who tries EOS Lip Balm is pushing the company into the future. They have built a brand that helps everyone look and feel their best.