September 29, 2016 · Norka Luque, Song · (No comments)

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer who has made headlines as one of the most prominent singers to come from her country. She is a name that is known around the world and she has fans who come to see her from many different countries around the globe. This means that she is world-famous for being a singer, but there are some things that some people still do not know about Norka and the way that she was able to get the singing career that she has now. She didn’t start out as a professional singer and definitely never pictured herself as such.
Norka wanted to sing professionally but knew that it was unrealistic to think that way. So instead of focusing on something that would likely never happen, she focused on a dream of becoming a prominent business woman. She traveled to France to study business administrated. She enjoyed it while she was in school and even completed the degree but she soon learned that business was not her cup of tea. It was something that she felt hard to fit in with and something that crushed the creative spirit within her. She needed something that would allow her creativity to shine through.

She thought that she found it when she entered culinary arts school but, that too, turned out to work not in her favor. She enjoyed it but she didn’t like it after she was out of school. It was hard for her to be creative and even harder to land a job in foodie-central France. She decided that was not the path that she was meant to be on and she actually began to pursue a degree in fashion. This was also something that she was successful at but something that she did not enjoy after graduation.

One thing that had always stuck, though, was her singing. She knew that she was a good singer and that she would be able to sing no matter what. This was something that she was proud of and she sung regularly. A band soon heard her and wanted her to be with them. They liked her vocals and knew that she would bring great improvements to the band. They wanted to help her while she was helping them. The situation worked out nearly seamlessly and she was able to eventually become a solo artist who has toured the world.