December 9, 2016 · Religion, Spirituality · (No comments)

Kabbalah is a form of religious teaching that many believe has been misunderstood for centuries because of the different ways this form of teaching makes us look at ourselves in different ways. There are three basic forms of Kabbalah that can be enjoyed by the people of the world, which are theoretical, spiritual, and meditative; the three forms of Kabbalah have been shrouded in mystery for the majority of human civilizationa, which has led to many rumors and pieces of misinformation rising up about this spiritual practice.


The main way Kabbalah differs from the more traditional forms of religion the Kabbalah Centre welcomes as faiths for its students is that those studying Kabbalah seek to lose themselves in a new way of looking at the universe surrounding each of us. Unlike traditional religious beliefs where the individual is encouraged to find their true self the teachings of Kabbalah show the individual how they can change their view of the world to gain more understanding of the place of the individual compared to those around them.


The Kabbalah Centre follows the general teaching of this different spiritual view of the world by guiding students through the writings of the Zohar to allow them to see more of what the universe has to offer. In the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre the student looks to release the blockage each person is thought to have that sits between themselves and their view of the universe as it really is; the teachings of the Kabbalah Centre explain that more than 99 percent of the universe is hidden from view because of the blockage each person has, which is known as Klippot.


Students of the Kabbalah are given guidance in the teachings of the ancient form of scripture by the teachers of the Kabbalah Centre who explain the way the universe can be explored in accordance with the existing religious beliefs of each individual student. The belief that cosmic powers are at play at all times is shown in the ancient beliefs in astrology and much more that Kabbalah Centre students learn about from experienced teachers.