August 6, 2015 · KCRW, Los Angeles, Talk Radio · 1 comment

Many people have heard of the Squaw Valley ski resorts, but they may not know the chief executive officer and vice president of sales and marketing Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth has been serving as the president of Squaw Valley since 2010, but he has over 25 years of experience when it comes to sales and marketing. Before working at Squaw Valley he served as vice president of sales and marketing for Steamboat Skiing Resort corporation. Andy Wirth has become invaluable for this ski corporation, and his dedication to his career has caused Squaw Valley to have much success. Andy Wirth also serves as trustee for the Tahoe airport authority, and he also received a bachelor of science degree from Colorado State University.

Andy Wirth did a radio interview with Madeline Brand from KCRW’s “Press Play.” The interview was about how the drought would affect California’s ski resorts. Madeline Brand asked Andy Wirth many questions about how he felt this previous season had passed and what were his predictions for the future season as well. She spoke of the 27% cut back when it came to water use from Californians and also of the fact that the drought is the most concerning thought on all of their minds. In spite of all of the negativity around the drought, Andy Wirth still maintains his positive outlook.

Andy Wirth does admit that it was a difficult winter because of the ridiculous resilient ridges. Those ridges caused a lack of low-pressure ridges, which was a big contributor to the lack of snow and water. Even though the business at Squaw Valley went down 20%. Andy Wirth affirms that it was not a horrible hit for their business. Andy Wirth maintains that some fine-tuning need to be done, but in the end sales continued. Instead of using the full 6000 acres of the resort, they went down to 4000 and the adjustments were just fine. Wirth is sure that through the use of science innovation, and snowmaking machines they can continue to make skiing possible in spite of the El Niño winter that is predicted. Wirth and his associates have maintained full contact with weather experts in the California area, and they are hopeful that this year will still produce snow and be ripe for skiing

Even though this year promises to be one with whether volatility, Andy Wirth and his team are willing and ready to make adjustments for that. Squad Valley resorts are planning on upping their resource management, and they are taking new measures to reduce their carbon footprint. Squaw Valley resorts and Andy Wirth are very excited about this upcoming ski year, and they plan to open season around Thanksgiving.