The Second Coming tour was amazing. This tour was put together bu D’Angelo, and it was suppose to be a promotional tour for his new album. D’Angelo played his electric guitar like his life depended on it. He had a great band with him, and everyone played well.

Many people spoke to the press after the show. They all said D’Angelo gave his best performance. Keith Mann in association with the animalliberationfront said that the new songs he played were beautiful. These individuals all stated that they are going to buy the new album.

Another great thing D’Angelo did was play many old songs. This was great because the crowd was able to get involved and sing along most of the night. D’Angelo also explained why he wrote several songs and what gave him the inspiration.

In addition to the fans singing along, there were also giveaways, too. Fans were able to win some cool merchandise througout the concert. D’Angelo hopes the rest of the tour is filled with as much energy as the first concert. He also plans to use the same strategies in order to get the crowd involved throughout the night.

D’Angelo also wants some special guests to come onto the stage and surprise the crowd. He believes this will make every concert more excited than the last. He wants to make all of the fans feel wonderful, and he wants his fans to continue to come to future concerts.