November 26, 2017 · Therapists · (No comments)

There is more than one way to go and see a therapist. Some now suggest that Talkspace may be the best answer for those who live in our modern technological world. In a lot of ways this makes perfect sense. We should be able to use something like our smartphone to get mental health help if we need it. That is what Talkspace provides by connecting a patient with a licensed therapist via text.

The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Talkspace. It turns out that out of a population that they serve, they have seen a 25% reduction in the number of hospitalization cases in comparison to the general public over the same period of time. Those are very impressive results, and they spell out the idea that this type of therapy really works.

People like the prices on the plans offered by Talkspace. You can see for yourself that the offerings are between $32 and $45 per week depending on how many services you want. Some people require more therapy than others, and this is accounted for in the prices for the various plans.

A new partnership with Magallen Health is going to help Talkspace expand its audience in the very near future. The two companies are working together to provide services to the Magallen Health patients that do not already have access to Talkspace materials. In just a very short period of time they will be granted the access that they require, and that will help them make strides in their own mental health.

An issue as pressing as mental health is something that we should all be able to band around to help our fellow human being. Talkspace has made great strides in helping those who might not otherwise receive the help they deserve to get.