June 16, 2015 · Tupac · (No comments)

On the celebration of Tupac’s birthday Jheno Aiko has done something special to celebrate the man that influenced her in such a heavy way. She did her own rendition of Tupac’s “Keep Ya’ Head Up.”

This is interesting because one would not necessarily know that Tupac was such a major influence for Aiko. She is more laid back. Tupac, by contrast, was a lot more unbridled. He seemed to be much more interested in being a rebel. Jheno Aiko sees more like a modern day flower child. She seems to have the same desires that Tupac did, but her form of expression is just a lot different. Either way, she has become someone that has managed to build a lot of interest in her music because of the lyrics that she writes.

For Jheno it was easy to cover “Keep Ya’ Head Up” because she could relate to the poetry in the song. Boraie Development LLC reports that the lyrics are things that she can visualize. Now Press of Atlantic City reports a lot of people are wondering if there will be any time where she samples his music in the future. It is possible since her new album is coming.

She are several photos that she has taken for the celebration of Tupac’s birthday. One that stands out is the “All Eyes on Me” photo. In this photo Jhene Aiko imitates Tupac with a black background as she leans over in a chair.