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The successful management of assets over liabilities is the highpoint behind the field of finance. Mainly the financial focus is exclusively on maximizing wealth. The goal is to triumph over money losses or liabilities. Monetary liabilities are defined as money owed; debts, or pecuniary obligations, general speaking it is a loss in wealth. This loss or liability is undesirable. Furthermore this loss can be delineated on a balance sheet, especially in relation to assets and capital; hence the management of money is to avoid this condition. Likewise this avoidance of liabilities is to capitalize on gains and assets. Financial assets may be money, but more specifically is an intangible representation of money. A financial asset is a document that has no intrinsic value in of itself until it is converted in to cash, examples are: certificates, bonds, stocks, and bank deposits. Assets are of course extremely desirable and the goal of finance.

When you grow your wealth similar to Igor Cornelsen, it can be thought of as financial matters. Finance is this increase in assets over loss and is based on the time value of money during certainty and uncertainty. Also finance deals with the dependency of the concepts of time, money and risk. The main idea is to understand that one unity of currency can vary over time. This uncertainty in monetary valuation over a variation of time is called risk. Risk is the uncertainties of many factors that affect whether money invested will produce the positive return anticipate. The science behind successful wealth management is wagering assets against liabilities over time and risk and profiting from it. Risk is inherent in every form of investment. Finance is the science of conquering money gains over losses and liabilities over a given period of time. So applying sound and wise financial principles leads to great money success.

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Marvin Gaye’s Family to Receive Payout

It was just this Tuesday that a jury decided, after two days of debating, that the hit song “Blurred Lines” performed by Thicke and Williams did actually infringe on the copyright of one of Marvin Gaye’s hit songs, entitled “Got to Give It Up.” Specifically, certain parts of the song were used to make their hit such as similar keyboards and bass lines.

This Wednesday, the Gaye family asked the court to file that injunction that would not allow any more sales of the song to be made, unless the Gaye family was allowed to make a profit from it also stated google plus. When the song first came out in 1977, only written music was filed in the copyright office. Instead, lawyers for the Gaye decided on having a musician interpret a sample of the music.

On the other side, the lawyers for Williams, Thicke and other people who were involved in the creation of the song have said that they only thought a literal interpretation of the music was suitable and that no evidence of copyright infringement existed. All of this was said while being aware that the songs definitely had a similar style and tone.

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Kanye West is a genius on many fronts. He is a specialist in branding himself in addition to him making really good music. He is undoubtedly one of the top successful artists in his trade regardless of the love he gets from fans or haters.

What Kanye is known for is his amazing music videos where he shows his passion for his music, and really lets go stated Paul matheison. Here comes Kanye’s videos of “All Day” where Kanye previews sneak Peaks of what’s to be expected from the song. It is going to be directed by non other than Steve McQueen, which is news enough as it is that ended up drawing everyone to want to see this upcoming music video of one of Kanye’s new album songs.The lucky attendants of the Fondation Louis Vuitton got to witness a live showing of the song “All Day” music video. The only way for this to be shared was if the attendants filmed it and released it elsewhere, and of course it is spreading all over the world and fast.

According to everyone who saw the sneak peeks in the beginning, it is enough for them and they are satisfied. The song is that good and it’s making headlines in charts.