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Our finances can be viewed as an organ in our lives. If it’s unhealthy, there is a risk where it may fail and can risk our lives greatly. No one deserves to have an unhealthy financial life. That’s why everyone needs to realize that they can be assisted for the sake of “financial fitness”. All you need to consult is Infinity Group Australia as they can cover various programs that you might find very useful for the sake of maintaining your finances, just like how you watch your health, as you grow old. Here are some of the serivces that the Infinity Group Australia reviews left by many of its satisfied clients, as they found the following very useful for the sake of a stable finance:


Financial Diagnosis


Infinity Group Australia has a program within their business where they can conduct a test to diagnose your financial status. All you need is to visit their site to take the free5-minute test to see how well you are really doing when it comes to your money. You just need to fill certain details on the cheap-up program to see if you can afford a property, to pay bills, etc.


Reducing Your Debt


Many Australians since many decades ago that are receiving certain deals from various financial companies. They often talk about the “finest” rates and how they can provide help for your own life and business, but they will never cover stuff regarding debt management. Infinity Group makes sure that your debt will be managed through the means of an online portfolio which shows your current debt, along with tools to pay them off gradually. In this way, you can live financial freedom easily.


Retirement Services


Infinity Group Australia aims to provide a healthy finance for those who are old, just like how we crucially take care of an old person’s health. That’s why the company is proud to present its solutions for securing a better financial life through the means of retirement plans.


Wealth Is Possible To Attain


All you really need to do to attain wealth is to gain the right connections that can guide you with your skills. If you team up with Infinity Group Australia, You can manage your own earnings instead of managing your debt only. This will give you a more positive mindset where your assets will be monitored and updated for you to become more aware on your next plans, especially if you want to buy a car, a house, an investment or if you want to set up a business.


Health Is Wealth, All The Time!

Infinity Group Australia has lived up to its name as they are willing to give you unlimited opportunities in making your finances as stable as a fit person. That’s why they aim for financial fitness, which is the most consistent state of one’s finances. After all, everyone wants stability and freedom over their money. That’s why Infinity Group Australia is making it possible for you to enjoy.

Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/contact-us/

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His name is Ryan Seacrest and he is considered one of America’s most popular television personalities. He is the host various hit time shows such as American Idol and Live. He is also a top radio show host that has his own program called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also hosts Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest and E! Live from the Red Carpet.

Seacrest hosts a lot of shows and he even has a production company named after himself. This company is known as Ryan Seacrest Productions and it produces shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Spinoff shows are also created from this program. His production company also endorses the show Shades of Blue and Insatiable. Reality programs are a specialty for Ryan’s production company. They made the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution reality show that won an Emmy.

Ryan not only does media jobs he is involved with other types of endeavors. He has a men’s collection, a skin care line for men and he also has endorsement brands for major brands. Ryan Seacrest even has his own foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation works in various pediatric hospitals around the country allowing children with ailments to fulfill their dreams with being media personalities and stars.

How did Ryan Seacrest become such an accomplished media personality, entrepreneur and businessman? Well, he was born with these gifts and he was also groomed for this position. Seacrest’s parents said that he would always pretend to be a radio show personality when he was a young boy. He had a natural gift to announce and host programs.

According to Forbes, when Seacrest was in high school he gravitated toward radio programs in his school. He eventually landed an internship which led to a job at a radio station. Once Seacrest graduated from high school he headed out to Los Angeles and eventually landed his own morning talk show. During his meteoric rise to the top, Seacrest was trained and groomed by some of the best media personalities in Hollywood. Seacrest has truly cemented himself into the history of great media personalities.

Ryan on Socials:

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For a talented doctor like Dr. Saad, being the only board-certified pediatric surgeon who spoke both English and Arabic in the U.S. was a very in-demand skill to have during his 40 plus years as a physician. In addition to his language skills, Dr. Saad Saad was a U.S., board-certified doctor who was licensed to practice medicine in Iowa and New Jersey. For Dr. Saad Saad, becoming a doctor in the U.S. involved special training, constant surgical practice, and passing a rigorous exam as required by the medical board at specific time intervals.


Saad has worked at many different medical facilities and hospitals in New Jersey like the Monmouth Medical Center and University Medical Center. Dr. Saad Saad did a lot of his surgeries and general medical practice in Eatontown, New Jersey.


Because of Saad’s giving nature, he made a strong effort to perform many free surgeries on youth who needed advanced surgeries in Arab countries, the West Bank, and also in New Jersey. Many of these Arab children who were suffering profusely due to wounds from battles in the Middle East were severe cases of children who needed surgery done by Dr. Saad. There were hospitals in New Jersey that could facilitate Dr. Saad’s requests to perform such surgeries. Dr. Saad Saad had the advanced skills to do these complicated operations successfully, and he also went on eight missions to Jerusalem to help these Arab and ultimately save their lives. Saad also decided to partner with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) after they approached him in 2002 to help Arab children. Since accepting PCRF’s request to help, Dr. Saad performed many pro bono surgeries because he wanted to apply his skills and knowledge to help others by teaching doctors his advanced methods for certain complicated wounds and other approaches.


As for Dr. Saad’s family background, Saad Saad was born in Palestine. Due to the founding of Israel, Saad was forced from his homeland to the West Bank due to political upheaval. Dr. Saad Saad relocated to Kuwait based on his father’s job, and the demand for skilled workers who were in high need in the 1950s because of the oil finds in certain area countries.


Dr. Saad Saad has been married for 40 plus years. Two of Saad Saad’s children are surgeons, one is a lawyer, and one is a nurse who works in intensive care units. During Dr. Saad Saad’s worked for a Saudi Royal for nearly five years during the 1980s, his young children were very young during the time that Dr. Saad resided in Saudi Arabia. Saad was aware that living in Saudi Arabia for almost five years would have an impact on his family. Learn more: http://medicaldailytimes.com/doctors/hard-to-swallow-advice-from-dr-saad-saad/3663/


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Going the extra mile for his patients, practice, and the advancement of the medical field over all is an activity that Dr. Saad Saad knows all too well. He already has the respect and esteem of thousands of patients who have him to thank for the benefit of his knowledge. He has a penchant for not only performing procedures with expert technique but also for improving the functionality of the devices used in said procedures.


He achieves this by focusing on innovation and improving patient’s comfort levels. As it stands, Dr. Saad Saad has the invention of two patented medical devices under his belt, as well as having a helping hand in the development of countless others. This history of pioneering and engineering spans across more than four decades from the United States to Jerusalem. He helps where he can and especially does as much as possible for underprivileged children.


A Catheter fitted with an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device is one patented invention with his name on it. His improvement on this medical instrument makes finding a catheter’s location and position within a body far easier and less risky than traditional methods. The old way requires going through an X-ray or an MRI machine to gather this information. Learn more:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/


The first option involves exposure to radiation, which can lead to unneeded risks of developing cancer. And, MRIs are huge apparatuses, which makes their use impractical for something as simple as a catheter. Using Dr. Saad Saad’s invention completely cuts body scanning for catheters, because the tubes themselves emit a signal that makes tracking them easy.


His other patented invention is an apparatus that provides improved visibility during Endoscopes. His innovative designs are ideal for executing successful bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. Dr. Saad Saad stands by the the use and purpose of the devices he has taken years to develop from an initial need in the surgery room to the first use on a patient. It is not often that a surgeon can be a leader and game changer at the same time, but Saad makes it happen all the time. In many ways, the medical field and professional community needs to catch up to his standards.

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Ask the owner of any business, small or large, what their top three concerns are and controlling costs is bound to be on that list. Increasingly, small to medium businesses have been spending larger and larger percentages of their total budget on information technology solutions. This has presented some real problems for businesses, especially those operating in dynamic markets where large variations in demand often mean that scalability is a crucial consideration.

Traditionally, businesses that have relied heavily on the ability to use analytics to track their customers and market trends have faced serious risks with regard to fixed costs of information technology infrastructure. The ability to launch relational cloud database systems has involved hiring an entire team of developers and spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer equipment. This is often difficult to impossible to scale, at least in the short-term.

Today, cloud database solutions, such as those offered by NuoDB, are revolutionizing how businesses analyze their data. NuoDBs cloud database system is almost infinitely scalable, requiring no additional costs for infrastructure or information technology employees. What’s more, cloud database systems are able to apportion data to crucial employees, anywhere they happen to be on Earth.

NuoDB is revolutionizing the way businesses track data.

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After nearly 80 years, an American company has sunk an offshore oil well in Mexico’s waters. This comes after Mexico’s decision to allow foreign competitors back into its energy market. The latest venture is a joint effort between London-based Premier Oil, Talos Energy and Mexico’s Sierra Oil and Gas. The drilling began in May. It’s the first offshore exploration launched by anyone other than the state-run oil company Petroleos Mexicanos since the country nationalized its oil industry.

The Zama-1 oil well is situated in the Sureste Basin off the Mexican state of Tobasco, which is estimated to hold 100 million 500 milion barrels of crude oil. Drilling will take 90 days to complete, with a price tag of $16 million. The three companies involved in this venture won the rights to drill, after a round of bidding once Mexico voted to open its failing oil industry to private companies. Talos Energy operates the well and owns a 35% stake in the venture.

Exploration has shown Talos Energy that Sureste Basin has high geological success rate. Talos Energy is a gas and oil company that is dedicated to offshore exploration and production such as in Mexico. Talos Energy has a team who are experienced in acquiring assets around the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast. Talos Energy’s technical and management teams have spent most of their lives in the Gulf of Louisiana and Gulf of Mexico region.

Talos Energy LLC knows that oil and gas is the main source of energy and will be for the foreseeable future. When it comes to exploration and production, the company is ready to turn to innovative solutions. Talos Energy is set to acquire, explore and exploit the Gulf Coast by using seismic database. The operations run by Talos Energy are being guided by reprocessing techniques and deep gelological experience.

Talos Energy LLC was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Tim S. Duncan was named as the chief executive officer. Talos Energy continues to expand their reach in the deep ocean drilling. Talos Energy continues to be successful as they dig for oil.

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It has been 80 long years, but finally, a private company has brought an offshore oil well within Mexican waters. Mexico has protected its waters for long enough, and now they have provided access to people from the outside. This project is being administered by Premier Oil Plc, Sierra Oil & Gas and Talos Energy LLC. Premier Oil is headquartered in London, Talos Energy in Houston and Sierra Oil & Gas in Mexico.

They have started the long-awaited drilling for the well on May 21. This operation is the first of its kind to be conducted by anyone other than Petroleos Mexicanos. Mexico began to heavily focus on oil in 1938, and Petroleos Mexicanos has been the one running the show since then.

These three companies have been awarded exclusive rights to search for the hidden Mexican oil, and the Zama-1 well, that was sunk underwater, can hold around 100 million to 500 million barrels of petroleum. This number is an estimation. It is anticipated to take 90 days for the drilling operation to finish, and the amount of money it will cost is about $16 million for Premier. Premier made a statement, saying that Talos owns 35% in the operation, Sierra with 40% and Premier with 25%.

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company that is owned privately. The company is based in Houston and has become very successful within the oil industry. Recently, it’s subsidiary, Talos Production LLC, has successfully purchased Energy Resource Technology GOM, Inc. for $620 million. Talos has major aspirations to grow and build an influence in the Gulf of Mexico.

Energy Resource Technology is a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. Energy Resource Technology is a very important acquisition because of their abundant supply of oil production. They averaged 16,155 barrels of oil in one month and hold a high of 70% oil weight.

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Just when you think you know everything about a person, you learn something new that you did not expect at all. That is the case for a lot of people with Cassio Audi when they learn about his rock and roll past.

It is difficult to imagine the Cassio Audi of today as someone who was a big rocker, but he was. He was the drummer and founding member of the band Viper from 1985 to 1989. During that time, the band put out two albums. Each of those albums did pretty well and helped make Cassio and his friends well known in the country.

The inspiration for these albums is said to have come from the heavy metal scene that was a big deal in the United Kingdom at the time. Those people were rebels and making great music, and that is what Cassio wanted to do for his region of the world as well. Viper was all about making something that people had not heard before.

As mentioned previously, they did particularly well with their second album “Theater of Fame”. It was the one that the fans liked the most, but it was also released right as Audi was feeling like he was ready to leave the band to do other things. He made the decision to do exactly that in 1989.

Interestingly for a rock star, he wanted to go after his MBA. He did go through the program and end up with an MBA which he still uses to this day in the world of finance. He has been an all-star in finance as well and some people know him only for the work that he does with that these days. Basically, he has made a name for himself in a variety of different realms, and each one of them is completely different from the other.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

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The music career of Cassio Audi kicked off in 1985 when he with fellow friends, Andre Machando, Yves Passarell, Felipe Machando and Pit Passarell founded the famous Brazil metal band Viper. At this time the five teenagers were pioneering a genre of music that was not so common in the South America, but for them, they were hugely influenced by the renowned British Heavy Metal and Iron Maiden. Cassio found his place in the band as an exemplary drummer and also a composer of some of the band’s songs. Soon the band became widely recognized throughout the Latin Americas communities for their introduction of heavy metal music, and quickly they gained fans and also critics.

The people around Cassio at this time praised him for his excellent skills and talent and also saw him as a successful musician in future. When his band the Viper did a demo of its first album in 1985, Cassio played the drums. When their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise came out in 1987, Cassio had become a household name for his skill on the drum. On this album tracks like, killer, signs of the night and nightmare which were in the demo were featured.

Cassio remained to be the band’s drummer and was credited as a writer of one of the songs in the album soldiers of sunrise. Viper continued to gain popularity all over, and the individual talents and skills of every member of the band continued to flourish. Fans had nothing but praise for the lyrics and vocals of the songs they released. Which a concrete huge fan base and good ratings for their music, Viper was set for further success and bright days.

Cassio Audi took a decision to leave the band in 1989 and decided to join university bringing his music career to a halt. When the Viper recorded their second successful album, Theater of Fate Cassio was not part of it.

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Cassio Audio has a music talent that many out of his generation are unaware of and has very little written about it. The disservice to such great talent may be because its time in the industry was short. A quick look at his short stint at music leaves no doubt concerning his musical career.

Cassio Audi was one of the five founding members of Band Vipers, Brazil’s pioneer heavy metal rock band. Other band members were Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves and Pit Passarell. These Brazilian teenagers were influenced by the then trending British heavy metal especially the Iron Maiden band. Cassio Audi played the drums and wrote songs.

Cassio Audi took part in the band’s demo album of 1985 and Soldiers of Sunrise, their first album released in 1987. Some of their songs such as Knights of Destruction, Signs of the Night, Nightmares and Soldiers of Sunrise were major hits in the late 80s to mid-90s. The debut album received a 4-star rating on Allmusic. In 1989, Cassio Audio left the band to pursue University education marking the end of his promising music career.

Nearly three decades later the mark Cassio Audi left on the heavy metal world is still felt. His numerous fans which he had thrilled by the heart throbbing drum beats still miss him as his drumming skills were a hit in his days. Though his stint in the industry was short, his legacy stands out. The tracks he took part in are testimonials of his raw talent and musical genius. Today it is hard to find the quality raw talent revealed in the lyrics and the vocals in these songs