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Alexandre Gama is a Brazilian entrepreneur who serves as a CEO and CCO of Neogama, one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. Established in 1999, Neogama became the fastest growing ad agency in the country. It made history by becoming the first agency to win a Lion at the Cannes Festival in its first year of existence. In 2002, Neogama and the London-based company BBH merged to form Neogama/BBH.

Before Neogama, Alexandre Gama started his advertising career as a copywriter at Ogilvy where he won the Gold and Silver Cannes Lions. He also worked for DM9, ALMAP and BBDO, and Young and Rubicam. There he also won numerous awards in advertising including Agency of the Year. His work was featured in the advertisements of some of the high-profile clients such as Volkswagen, Pepsi, Audi, and UMBRO. In addition to the awards, Gama also won the distinction of becoming the first Brazilian to lead a global network of agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer. In 2014, he exhibited his work at the Brazilian Museum of Art. Alexandre Gama has made a mark in the advertising world with his creativity, his genius, and his entrepreneurship.

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As the new year is fully underway, it is a time for reflection. When it comes to Talk Fusion and Bob Reina, they have a lot to reflect on and a lot to be proud of when it comes to 2016. It was a great year for them, and a year they will never forget because of the success it brought them. All of the success was earned and that is what makes it even all the more special for them. They know nothing was just given to them. They had to work for everything they received and that is why they are award-winning in more ways than one.


They won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation and this is the kind of company that really has a lot of products pass their eye test. Let’s face it: everyone is living in a world that is filled with tremendous products and tech products that are changing by the day. Everyone is looking to create the next best thing. That is what Talk Fusion and Bob Reina have done and that is why their recent award, the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award is one they are going to cherish.



After all, the Technology Marketing Corporation is all about looking for the very best in voice, data, and chat. Between Talk Fusion’s video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they truly have it all. It is designed and created for the type of person that is driven and filled with passion. These are people that want more out of life and they will not settle until they get it done.


That is the very much the way that Bob Reina is and the way that Talk Fusion is. They don’t settle and they don’t take days off. They work to make Talk Fusion the best it can be for everyone that uses it. They want it to be an experience that enriches their lives in the best possible way. They will see their lives in a whole new way and a whole new light for the very first time.

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USHEALTH Group, Inc. sells and underwrites supplementary products and individual health insurance plans for small business owners and self-employed persons in the US. The products offered by USHEALTH Group Inc. include fixed indemnity medical insurance, individual health insurance, accident and income protection solutions, dental insurance, insurance for times of critical illness and a convertible and renewable term life policy for the accident, and specific disease protection. USHEALTH Group, Inc. uses agents to sell its products. The company was formerly referred to as Ascent Assurance, Inc. It later changed to its current name in March 2005. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is based in Fort Worth, Texas. It was started in 1982.


USHEALTH Group Inc’s Key Executives include:

  • Benjamin M. Cutler who is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Cynthia B. Koenig who is the Principal Accounting Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Vice President
  • Leo Toralballa who is theNational Sales Executive for USHEALTH Direct and Senior Vice President of Marketing for USHEALTH Administrators, Inc.
  • Robert Byrnes who is the Regional Marketing Director, Texas


USHEALTH has grown and expanded since its inception. The company offers a complete portfolio of plans that enables its customers to tailor their health coverage to their specific needs. USHEALTH Group, Inc. has more than 50 years of experience in the health insurance industry. It has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient insurance company.


The enterprises that form USHEALTH Group are the true innovators of the industry. They provide affordable, secure, and flexible plans for individuals and their families. The Mission of USHEALTH Group Inc. is HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday). This applies to the management, staff, and the Independent Contracted Agents of USHEALTH Advisors. USHEALTH Group is committed to making a difference positively in the lives of their customers.


The Hallmarks of USHEALTH Group, Inc. are reliability and affordability. The company is the go-to place for those seeking everyday medical expenses and peace of mind in case of serious medical events. USHEALTH Group has served over fifteen million customers since it opened its doors. It continues to offer its dedicated services. The company has employed the most qualified and skilled staff who have extensive knowledge when it comes to health insurance. They have the knowledge on how to handle a customer and advise them on the right insurance to take depending on their needs.


USHEALTH Group Inc. has been able to register massive success. It attributes this to hard work, customer satisfaction, honesty, and discipline. Customers who have their health insurances with USHEALTH Group say that it is the best insurance company they have worked with and that they are affordable and very efficient. USHEALTH Group, Inc. has gained international recognition and aims to continue to implement the company’s strategic plans. The company has good leadership in place, and this has played a part in their success.

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Dick DeVos is a prestigious businessman and entrepreneur who has stated that he is now combining his current passions of aviation with education. With that said, in 2010, Mr. DeVos officially launched a new aviation school that became the first charter school for the purpose of offering a free education to students regardless of parental income. This aviation school was officially opened on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in the Fall of 2010 with over 60 students attending their freshman year. The West Michigan Aviation Academy was specifically opened for those individuals who continue to look up at the sky as an airplane flies by. Dick DeVos, as the son of the Amway Corporation co-founder has striven to be like his father and to continue spreading the family legacy through his businesses and philanthropy.

The goal of Dick DeVos in 2010 was to start with 60 students and to add a new grade each year. The lessons that are currently given in present day include lessons on flying the planes, maintaining the planes, as well as lessons on how to run an aviation business once out of college. Though this aviation academy was the fourth aviation academy in the nation, it is the first charter high school to be built. Dick DeVos’ mission with a charter high school is to now offer students a free education that is also a quality education that does not involve payment of any kind. Dick DeVos believes success comes from hard work and merit rather than from money.

Dick DeVos is an individual who has always been involved in philanthropy which is a trait that he shares with his father, Richard DeVos. Dick DeVos is a strong advocate for education as he believes that education is the key to increasing the human capital within the United States. Dick DeVos has already donated millions of dollars to charities all around the country and is most excited about his new charter school. Dick DeVos and his team have designed a curriculum that not only teaches the students of aviation, but also gives an education on the core subjects.

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In the world of fashion, there are certain rules that the masses must adhere to follow. From color schemes to texture, people critique fashion down to the most minute details. Doe Deere, a fashion guru in her field, marches to the beat of her own drum, and she has little regard for the must-wear rules that fashion magazine’s aim to regulate in their annual issues. Doe Deere’s brand, Lime Crime makeup line, has placed her near the top of the whose-who in the fashion industry, and she does not seem like she is ready to relinquish her spot anytime soon. So read along as this article takes a look at who Doe is, how she got started, and who inspires her.

Growing up in Russia, Doe was just like many other adolescents, and It took her a while to feel confident about her beauty. Most would think that because of her rise in the fashion industry that was something that just came natural, but that was not the case. The ironic thing about that time in her life is that she never considered wearing makeup, because she never perceived herself as attractive. Well, all that changed on her prom night. While not being as enthused as the other teenage girls, she didn’t do much preparation in picking out her outfit to wear. But a family friend, who had experience in cosmetics, convinced Doe to let her apply her makeup. The results were astonishing. Doe gained confidence from that experience, and she found her distinctive makeup niche that night.

As Doe’s love for makeup grew stronger, she decided to experiment with the internet. She opened an eBay account in 2004, and she started an independent Do-it-yourself fashion line called, LimeCrime. With her distinct products, mostly consisting of colorful makeup and accessories, the site took off in popularity.

Although her rise to the top might seem simple to some, Doe acknowledges that it took much hard work and that she mentions the sources of inspiration that helped to lift her to her peak in success. Doe credits reading books as one of her inspirations for learning more about fashion and the business that she now successfully runs. A couple of books that she mentioned were, Think Big & Kick Ass, and The Brand Gap and ZAG. Not only did she learn how to become successful, but she developed her business savvy during the process. And lastly, she acknowledges her husband as the biggest source of inspiration that keeps her motivated and uplifted.

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Just like any other Grammys, the performances are always highly anticipated. This year, we are going to be entertained by a lot of talented and popular artists. An announcement has been made for the first wave of artists who are going to perform during the awards night.

Madonna first tweeted hints about the Grammys and her manager later confirmed that indeed she is going to performing for the Grammys. This would be Madonna’s 5th time to be on the stage of the Grammys to perform. She also performed for last year’s Grammys together Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Another artist confirmed to perform is Ed Sheeran. He also has three nominations for his very recent album. Ariana Grande is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Group Performance, and will also be performing on stage says aboutorganiccoffee.

The very popular country artist, Eric Church and Bernardo Chua are up for four nominations aside from having the chance to sing on stage. His album is nominated for Best Country Album. The rock band AC/DC is going to perform as well despite the issues and complications that surround their drummer Phil Rudd. He is facing charges for drug possession and threatening to kill.


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There hasn’t been any official research done, but according to an article by Politico News, there may not be another artist that has had the year in music that Aubrey “Drake” Graham has had without an album.

“Nothing Was the Same” dropped in 2013, but Drake has been able to start drama and get a lot of buzz going as his fans waited for new music. The “Nothing Was the Same” album had a track that featured Jay-Z. This was in 2013. Drake also appeared on the late December 2013 release of Beyonce’s surprised album. It would have appeared that Drake was on good terms with the couple since Jay-Z appeared on his album as Drake returned the favor and appeared on Beyonce’s album.

In 2014 Drake took a jab at Jay-Z in Rolling Stone magazine. This was yet another time where Drake spoke on taking over hip hop, and this led to a battle on wax with Jay-Z.

As this heat died down Drake continued to release even more new music through his Sound Cloud account. He was dropped mix tapes and remixed tracks. He has remixed the Grammy nominated “Tuesday” track by ILOVEMAKONNEN. He also appeared on a remix of the summer jam, “2 On.”