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Securus Technologies is one of the top companies in the criminal technology department. Many companies have tried to enter the market with new technology but have failed miserably. It is where Securus Technologies sets itself apart. The company is spending an enormous amount of money on research so that the products that they introduce to their clients are readily accepted. They collect information and feedback from the correctional facility officers, inmates, and their family members and then create products that will be useful to every one of them.


Securus Technology has recently introduced education based programs using tablets allowing the inmates not just to learn but also receive certificates within the prison. The program is aimed at making the inmates employable once they leave the prisons. One of the biggest problems faced by the community today is the rehabilitation of the prisoners who enter the society after completing their sentencing. Apart from being accepted by the society, they should also be able to get good jobs so that they do not go the wrong path again.


I am one of those unfortunate mothers who have to see their child go to prison. I was heartbroken and wanted to do something for my son. It was during one of the visits to the prison that I came to know about their tablet education program. I encouraged my son to join one of them, and my son had no other but to do that. After joining the program, he got into fewer fights as he was busy learning. By the time he completed his sentence; he had many credit points and also earned a degree. He got a good job once he left the prison and I couldn’t have been happier. It is because of Securus Technologies that my son could turn around his life and get a good paying job.