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Increasingly, many individuals and companies are incorporating the idea of a shared office space. In recent studies, it is evident that people who share office spaces are more productive and efficient. Sharing an office space makes workers thrive on their daily operations. Coworking spaces are workspaces based on membership where diverse groups of remote workers, freelancers, as well as independent professionals, work together sharing an office in a communal setting. There are many factors of coworking that lead to the success of coworkers. The benefits are also substantially notable.

The majority of people who utilize shared office space value their work and see it as meaningful. Unlike the conventional office space, a coworking office space brings versatility and diverseness to the environment. It brings people from various ventures, companies, and projects. With the reduced internal politics and direct competition, workers working from a shared office space do not have to put on a persona to be successful. They also have a strong work identity because of working amidst people handling different projects.

Coworking enhances creative thinking and innovation. With the diverse mindset of coworkers, they can bring in new ideas to the shared office to benefit everyone. This is successful because there is no direct competition between the coworkers. A variety of workers in a shared office space translates to a wide range of unique skills to be shared amongst themselves. Coworking possesses an inherent social mission. This social mission facilitates collaboration, sustainability, and learning.

Coworking leads to workers having more job control. Normally, coworking spaces are accessible at any time. Individuals can decide on their working schedule that suits their success goals and those of the company. They may choose to put a long night to meet deadlines or for progress reasons. Coworking spaces bring in the community feeling to the coworkers. Noticeably, coworkers who have a community to work in can create discipline and structures to motivate them

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