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Whether it be a country or even a large company , when they find themselves with a problem that seems almost insurmountable they turn to IAP Worldwide for a solution. IAP is a leading provider of services that include logistics, facilities management, and technical support services anywhere in the world. IAP Worldwide has been solving the unexpected for over 60 years and is currently operating in more than twenty-five different countries. IAP is ready on a moments notice to coordinate and facilitate complicated logistical and technical problems from battlefields to natural disasters.

IAP operates and manages military installations, some as large as a small city, as well as civilian installations on prnewswire.com and remote research facilities located in some of the hardest to reach places on the planet. IAP will provide the people with the technical assistance and program management required to support the client’s workforce, be it military or civilian.

IAP has established a worldwide reputation as a company that will not only meet your demands but will exceed them. Setting themselves apart by considering their customer’s missions as their own they approach every new challenge with the passion and experience to accomplish any mission required on kayescholer.com. The men and women at IAP will tell you that the problems that keep you awake at night are the same ones that get them up in the morning.

With its corporate headquarters in Cape Canaveral, FL and offices in Alexandria, Va., Panama City, FL, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East IAP are strategically located to quickly respond to any natural disaster, crisis, or to even start a new mission where ever needed. IAP employs over 2,000 men and women that have the dedication, skills, and determination to accomplish any undertaking.

What started with a government contract to provide generator supplies to the U. S. Army in Saudi Arabia has evolved into IAP supporting our troops in Operation Desert Storm on start.cortera.com. The trust of the U.S. military has made it possible for IAP to win government contracts for international procurement, logistical support and transportation services for the battlefield or emergency disaster relief efforts.

The support offered by IAP allows their customers to focus on their mission whatever that might be. For example, IAP Worldwide is currently supporting efforts to protect our environment and advancing healthcare. IAP now offers support to over 175,000 civilian and military personnel stationed here and the Middle East and is holding government contracts worth over $370 million dollars. There are several good resources for more information about IAP, the company website is very informative and several articles have been written by prnewswire.com.

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In order to stay on top of the competition and meet fiscal goals, any contemporary company manager must be on the lookout for new opportunities for expansion. Such is the case for those at IAP Worldwide. This highly respected company is run by skilled leaders who are aware of how to expand the company’s business into markets. They are visionary leaders who are ever in search of potential new markets that may be out there. Those who watch the company closely are aware that such leaders know exactly how to spot opportunity in any market and, more importantly, when to act on it.

A New Acquisition

Given such managerial expertise, it is not surprising that team members have announced new plans. In a recent release via PR Newswire, company officials here have announced to the public that they have acquired two brand new business units from another company. Those at the company have officially stated that they have decided to purchase DRS Technologies, Inc.’s business. The aviation and Logistics business of IAP Worldwide will fit it nicely with the already existing aviation business here. Such an acquisition should help shore up the company’s aviation division and offer future potential for expansion.

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Another Acquisition

In addition to acquiring that unit, they are also buying the company’s tactical communications and network solutions business as well. This business is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground in the state of Maryland. The business offers many kinds of services including aircraft repair management that will fit in nicely with the other services at IAP Worldwide. Both divisions should help the company expand well and offer the kind of expert assistance their customers have come to expect from them.

An Overall Plan

The tactical communications division also offers logistics and mission support services, as well as engineering services of all kinds. In addition, this unit provides information technology, as well as skilled communications support solutions to various government agencies. Officials at IAP Worldwide hope to integrate each unit’s unique capabilities into their overall plan for expansion into new markets. They also hope to work closely with the employees of the new unit in order to develop their talents and allow them to succeed at the newly combined company. All those who have participated in this newly combined venture are hopeful that doing so will be the best possible course of action for all those who are involved with it.

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