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The worlds wealthiest hedge fund Forbes billionaire, George Soros, has some harsh words when asked about his opinion of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. During an interview at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Soros spoke to Bloomberg TV and gave his thoughts on both the economic as well as political situations. When asked about Donald Trump, Soros replied that he believes he is doing the work of ISIS. He believes Trump’s anti-immigration stance, the most popular point to the Trump platform, is what will drive the Muslim community to commit more terrorist acts. He believes ISIS days are numbered due to Iraq and Syria reclaiming territory that ISIS had previously held. He also disagreed with Ted Cruz policies and went on to state that he believes Hillary Clinton will win by a landslide. Soros opinions on Trump were originally published in Forbes
Soros himself was once an immigrant, born in Budapest in 1930, he fled to Hungary in 1947 when he was still just a teenager to avoid the Nazi occupation that happened in his homeland during WWII. From Hungary he migrated to England where he attended and graduated from London School of Economics. He soon immigrated to the United States where he was able to use his education to amass an impressive fortune. His experiences as a young boy during WWII easily explains his feelings and stance on immigration laws and his beliefs on carefully accepting refugees into the country.
Since Soros began his professional career in the United States, he has been able to focus his attention on other projects as well. In 1979 he was able to donate funds to help South African students attend Cape Town University during apartheid.
Soros also uses his vast experience to author over a dozen books as well as articles and essays that cover topics like politics, economics, and society. His well written thoughts as well as vastly trusted opinions have led to him being published in numerous international media outlets. Information obtained from George Soros

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In the world of fashion, there are certain rules that the masses must adhere to follow. From color schemes to texture, people critique fashion down to the most minute details. Doe Deere, a fashion guru in her field, marches to the beat of her own drum, and she has little regard for the must-wear rules that fashion magazine’s aim to regulate in their annual issues. Doe Deere’s brand, Lime Crime makeup line, has placed her near the top of the whose-who in the fashion industry, and she does not seem like she is ready to relinquish her spot anytime soon. So read along as this article takes a look at who Doe is, how she got started, and who inspires her.

Growing up in Russia, Doe was just like many other adolescents, and It took her a while to feel confident about her beauty. Most would think that because of her rise in the fashion industry that was something that just came natural, but that was not the case. The ironic thing about that time in her life is that she never considered wearing makeup, because she never perceived herself as attractive. Well, all that changed on her prom night. While not being as enthused as the other teenage girls, she didn’t do much preparation in picking out her outfit to wear. But a family friend, who had experience in cosmetics, convinced Doe to let her apply her makeup. The results were astonishing. Doe gained confidence from that experience, and she found her distinctive makeup niche that night.

As Doe’s love for makeup grew stronger, she decided to experiment with the internet. She opened an eBay account in 2004, and she started an independent Do-it-yourself fashion line called, LimeCrime. With her distinct products, mostly consisting of colorful makeup and accessories, the site took off in popularity.

Although her rise to the top might seem simple to some, Doe acknowledges that it took much hard work and that she mentions the sources of inspiration that helped to lift her to her peak in success. Doe credits reading books as one of her inspirations for learning more about fashion and the business that she now successfully runs. A couple of books that she mentioned were, Think Big & Kick Ass, and The Brand Gap and ZAG. Not only did she learn how to become successful, but she developed her business savvy during the process. And lastly, she acknowledges her husband as the biggest source of inspiration that keeps her motivated and uplifted.

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According to Wikipedia, Banco BMG is a private financial company under the control of Pentagna Guimaraes. The Guimaraes family has been in the commercial business in Brazil since 1930. When the BMG bank was first established, it mostly dealt with loaning both at retail and wholesale level. From 1998, it changed to payroll loans and had become famous for that.


BMG partnered with Itau Unibanco in 2012, forming Banco Itau BMG SA Payroll. BMG currently has 40% of the total shares while Itau Unibanco holds the remaining sixty percent. F


Ricardo Guimaraes is a businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of BMG Bank. Initially, he worked at the bank as an office assistant from 1980 and in 1988, he moved to the position of business administrator. He was the son of Flavio Guimaraes Pentagna.


On April, 18th, 2011, a ceremony for the honors degree was held in honor of Ricardo Guimaraes. Daniel Nepomuceno organized the celebration and during the event, he rained praises to Ricardo for the excellent work he had done. Ricardo was remembered for the rebranding BMG and his support for sports such as tennis, soccer and volleyball among others.


In 2010, the Ricardo Soccer BRI was created; it’s an investment capital for football athletes. The program generates more than 20 million dollars which supported several athletes in their career. In his speech, Mr. Guimaraes said he was proud and happy to continue what his grandfather started and that Belo Horizonte will always remain the family roots.


Ricardo has seen Bank BMG have a small defaulter rate through his managerial skills and experience. He is a lover of football and die hard supporter of Atletico Mineiro club. Mr. Guimaraes has been the president and sponsor of the team. By sponsoring the Brazilian football clubs, BMG Bank’s brand is marketed and strengthened.


The popularity of Banco BMG is done naturally when matches are announced on national media to a big audience; this makes viewers now the brand. Through the support, the bank gets one of the most significant returns.


Ricardo Guimaraes purchased the Schahin Bank and GE Money Brazil, as he felt the need to include new products to the bank and also the market was changing. With these two new banks, Ricardo was able to offer new services such as varied individual loans and vehicle funding.


Ricardo is a skilled entrepreneur and excellent leader who deserve global recognition for his good work. Having started from the lowest rank in the family business, he worked his way up and become one of the greatest executives; he is an example of many.

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Gone are the days when a person has to decide whether to keep feeding their dog the same boring food, or even changing the food because the price has gotten too expensive. There are now so many options available to pet owners that people can choose from a huge variety instead of only a few options. This does not mean that other food companies are not doing well, but merely that one in particular has begun a new process of creating wholesome and healthy food for dogs. According to The Daily Herald, Freshpet may taste and smell delicious to humans as shown when Michael Hieger, the manufacturing chief for Richard Thompson in their Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory, took a piece of their Freshpet Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe and popped it into his mouth, but imagine how it must taste to a dog! If it “Tastes just like Thanksgiving” to a human, a dog must absolutely love the flavor. This is a major reason why Freshpet has made great waves in the already blossoming industry of fresh dog food. This does not mean that companies like Beneful are receiving the short end of the stick, however. Beneful has been a major innovator and provider of high quality and cruelty free foods for many years. It is also not showing any signs of fading into history any time soon, which is great for people who already love Purina Store’s Beneful. Beneful offers many items like snacks and treats for dogs. They also offer toys and other things that animals need such as clothing and walking accessories. What’s more is that they offer many nationwide events and create wonderful parks for people to take their dogs to in order to expose them to other people and four-legged companions. These are opening up all over the country with more to be planned in the future. Freshpet has not quite gotten that far yet, but they are leading the way in freshly created foods with quality ingredients that are put together under a strategy of having dogs eat like their owners. Although it might currently set a person back about twice as much as regular canned and bagged dog foods, it involves no preservatives or bad things that might hurt a beloved pet. This means the food must be eaten before the short shelf life, but the refrigerated process keeps it fresh for a good deal of time. It can therefore be used as a snack given daily, or even a regular food for a smaller dog. Regardless, it is one of the healthiest choices out there.

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Stock markets around the world have taken a beating recently for several reasons. One of the main reasons is China. The Chinese stock market experienced a major sell-off the first few days of the New Year, and that event created a dip in stock prices around the globe. Investors are worried about investing in the stock market this year. One of the countries that is experiencing the most uncertainty about stock prices is Brazil.

Brazil’s economic issues have been well publicized. The recession has the country in a tailspin, and inflation is eating away at the income of middle-class Brazilians. Brazil’s currency, the Real, lost more than 40 percent of its value in 2015, and it is still bouncing back and forth on the currency exchange. Brazil’s stock market fell to its lowest point since 2009 recently, and many investors are cashing in and licking their investment wounds.

But not all investors are leaving the Brazilian stock market. Seasoned investors like Igor Cornelsen, the retired banker, turned investment consultant is still active in the market. Cornelsen is one of those long-term investors. Igor’s strategy is to invest in proven growth stocks as well as other stocks that look promising. The growth stocks are his main focus, and the promising stocks are his small investment on tumblr.com, entertainment stocks, so to speak. Cornelsen has had an enormous amount of success following that strategy.

No one knows the Brazilian financial market better than Igor Cornelsen. Igor Cornelsen was very active in the Brazilian banking world for years. He managed some of the largest banks in the country before retiring in 2010. While he was active in the banking world, Cornelsen began to invest in the stock market. He invested small to start and gradually built an impressive portfolio.

When Cornelsen retired, he moved to South Florida and opened an investment firm. His company, Bainbridge Investments Inc., is very active in the Brazilian and U.S. stock markets. He helps other investors find the right stocks that produce consistent returns. That’s not an easy task these days, especially in Brazil. One of Brazil’s premier stocks, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, fell to its lowest point since 2003 recently. The commodity stocks that make up a large portion of Brazil’s Ibovespa have been impacted by falling raw material prices and the loss of exports to China.

Igor Cornelsen likes to tell his investment partners to stay the course in the stock market. There are still opportunities even though the market is unstable at the moment. Economists say stock prices will remain low, and Igor Cornelsen thinks it’s time to invest not cash out. Stock traders have pushed the value of stocks down. There are opportunities to buy stocks now that will rebound this year, according to Igor.

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A friend of mine shared an article from the Daily Herald that gave me an incredible perspective on the growth of the gourmet dog food industry. Of course, I am amazed to find out that we, Americans, spend over $10.5 billion on premium dog food. We really care about the health of our pets. Unsurprisingly, as the obesity levels grow in our country we have taken extra precautions to prevent the same fate for the ‘little people’ in our families. Granted, I travel a lot with my dog so, I am always looking for a name brand that I can find in a Walmart anywhere in America that has the same brand, mix, and flavor that my Chihuahua likes. Typically, I try to stick with the Merrick Backcountry line from Beneful since they always have a great variety of wet food. In fact, I only feed my dog wet food because it seems more decadent and it is easier for her to chew. Usually, I find it on the shelves but it can be in the refrigerated section in some stores. Either way, it is always fresh and it actually smells good to me. Also, I have to mix in vitamins from her veterinarian and this Beneful formula blends well with it and she doesn’t seem to notice it. The wet food is also easier for me to travel with since it comes in smaller containers and she will eat most of it when I put it out for her. When I am at home I’ll have Beneful Purina personalized nutrition blends sent to me. Usually, I’ll mix it with her wet food or I’ll give a few kibbles to her as a treat. The ability to customize the food for her helps relieve me of any anxiety I might be having about her getting a wide variety of nutrients. Being able to introduce her to new Beneful flavors really excites her and she always seems happy and eager to sample the new bag. The Devil is in the details, as they say, and the fine points here are that every requirement we have in gourmet dog food are always fulfilled when I give her these gourmet blends.

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Most of us can agree that Micheal Jackson, famous singer and pop artist, was quite unique and talented. It was very hard to try and replicate or impersonate his character. He was a genius when it came to music leading others in his group. He would be teaching others how to act the right way. We all have our dreams of being just like our favorite artist or celebrity. Some are willing to go farther than others. There was one man in particular that would try very hard to be exactly like Micheal Jackson.

Sergio Cortes seemed to be a great match. All the clothing he wore was very similar, the voice was similar, and even the way he moved around and behavior was close. It is no shock that we all like to act the same way in public as our friends and people we look up to. Cortes claimed on social media through Facebook that he was indeed a famous artist with great talent in the areas of singing, dancing, and song writing. Looking closely identical to Micheal Jackson gave Cortes the advantage. It really strikes the publics curiosity and they wanted to look into this more. Cortes described as a blessing rather than just luck.

The similarities are so mind bobbling that it is hard to understand Jackson was reborn from the dead. Cortes has now been considered one of the best doubles during the year of 2009.

Early in Cortes childhood he was told be his mom that he reacted a lot like Micheal Jackson. At the time of Cortes growing up, Micheal Jackson was still working with the Jackson 5 music group. The career was started in America, but had international ties. Cortes knew that Micheal Jackson’s career was about to go viral and he was going to be a big individual pop start soon. Cortes saw the passion and style in the young Micheal Jackson.

Cortes decided to have a picture taken of him looking like Micheal Jackson and had it posted online. The photo went viral and people truly saw the connections. Cortes stated to seek a lot of fame and was invited to many American Idol competitions around the world to prove his singing abilities. Cortes saw a double career in the making.

To this day, Cortes has nearly 16,000 followers on Facebook and uses social media to connect with fans and make new connections in terms of promotions.

When Cortes found out that Jackson had passed away he was very disappointed. It is hard to watch your lifelong idol disappear for good.

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Beneful is one of the best distributors, developers, and producers of dog food in the United States of America, including many more countries. Beneful is produced by Purina, who owns the rights to a number of other animal food brands. Beneful is by far the best dog food on Amazon made by Purina, and is probably one of the best in the United States, if not the best.

Beneful Chopped Blends are the highest-rated dog food on Beneful’s twitter website, which is a significant honor because there are some types of dog food with more than one hundred reviews and ratings on Beneful’s official website. Chopped Blends are very small pieces of meat and vegetable that are easy for dogs to eat because they are very tender and small enough for virtually every type of dog to eat.

The series of Medleys such as the Tuscan Style Medley and Mediterranean Style Medley are the second-highest ranked type of dog food on Beneful’s site. The Tuscan Style Medley, for example, consists of beef, carrots, wild rice, and spinach. The meat is cut into reasonably sized pieces with tiny chunks of meat and even smaller pieces of vegetable and spices. There is a little bit of liquid that this mixture of foods marinates in from the time of production to make the Medley that much more tender and even more tasty.

Beneful has a line of Prepared Meals which are beefed-up versions of wet dog food that have large pieces of meat and vegetables, similar to the same type of stew that a human would eat.

The dog treats produced by Beneful, Healthy Smile Dental Twists and Baked Delights, are some of the highest-rated dog treats on the market today. The Healthy Smile Dental Twists are some of the best devices to help dogs clean their teeth because manually cleaning the teeth or paying for a dentist that specializes in dogs are both time consuming or expensive, so buying dog treats that automatically clean the dog’s teeth as it continues to east the dog treat is the most feasible option for the majority of dog owners.

Baked Delights come in a few different shapes, such as Snackers, Stars, and Hugs. Snackers are composed of peanut butter and cheese flavors, Stars come with an equal mixture of bacon and cheese, and the Baked Delights Hugs are made of beef and cheese. Baked Delights some of the best dog treats on the market.


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When it comes to the different dog food products on the market the best thing that a dog owner can do is research the company. This may seem like something that is very trivial and a relevant since you are not eating the food yourself, but there are major differences between the various dog food that on the market today. This is why it is so important to stay glued to the websites of the companies on amazon.com that are selling this dog food. These are the type of companies that can provide the foods that will promote or hinder the growth of your pets. This is why it pays to be so incredibly in tune with the dog food that is available today.

What I have chosen to do is research any dog food that my dog consumes before it is purchased. To me this is much better than simply going out and buying some random dog food brand that I will regret later. If it is possible it is always a good idea to get recommendations about different types of foods from other dog owners before buying food yourself. That is actually the way that I discovered the Beneful the food brand. There are a lot of pet owners in my family. Most of these owners are well aware of the different types of dog food that are on the market. This made it much easier for me, someone with a new dog, to become better informed about the best dog food on the market today.

It is no coincidence that I became a fan of the Beneful dog food because many of my family members are already advocates of this. There are a ton of different chopped blends and various vegetables and meat combinations that make this a real winner. The other thing that makes the Beneful food special is the fact that it promotes health of dogs.

I thought to do my research I had to read everything that was on the Internet about this company on my own. In time I discovered that that wasn’t the case at all. I would find that there were tons of different views on the Internet by people that were very pleased with this type of dog food. That made it easier for me to take my family’s recommendations and put those into action.

Today the Beneful dog food is all that I buy. I don’t believe that there is a reason to pick up anything else because my dog seemed to be more than satisfied with this brand. Over the years I believe that this dog food organization will expand even more and I will look forward to providing the meals to my new dogs. They will be able to experience the same great food that this company has created over the years. I think that it has managed to become successful because there is a lot of word-of-mouth promotion from consumers that are buying the products for multiple dogs.

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Our pets like us need to be well fed by the right food that is highly nutritious as well as balanced. That is exactly what the baneful foods offer to our dogs. Nutrition is important because it prevent the pets from becoming sick or malnutrition. Purina a well-known dog food marketing agency also stands behind the Beneful dog food on Walmart Stores  saying if anyone wishes to have a healthy dog that’s the best choice. The company has launched a campaign dubbed I stand behind baneful food which is aimed at marketing the food via different platforms.

The platforms include advertising on the television as a commercial, a full page expose on the New York Times the Sunday issue. Purina knows quite well that baneful is a quality dog food that is why they have come together to support the pet owners to make the right food. The company that was introduced back in the year 2001 has done tremendously well in manufacturing the best food for dogs both wet and dry food.

For more information on about baneful dog food manufacturers log intohttps://www.beneful.com/news/ you can also check out what our associates are saying about beneful fool you can check out on https://www.beneful.com/our-people. On 8th June 2015 the company launched a campaign that was aimed at giving the company more publicity as well as encourage pet owners to buy their products. The campaign featured the men and women who have participated in making the Beneful Brand a success.
Purina Nestle Company was in charge of the campaigns. The company is in charge of promoting heathy and responsible treating of pets. Among 8 bags of beneful company are manufacture by Purina`. The company is a leading global company that promotes wellness, heath in addition to responsibility. For more information you can log into http://newscenter.purina.com/. The above article was published by PR Newswire http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7544251-purina-pride-ad-campaign/