Once again, The Chainsmokers make the news after a recent interview with Alex Pall. After only two years, the DJ/Producer Duo has become one of the most successful in the world. Since the release of their top 10 song Roses in 2015, they have consistently proven to be the experts of the Pop EDM world. They have won 24 awards at several awards ceremonies, including a Grammy in 2017 for Best Dance Recording.

After not releasing anything new in the 8 months between the lyric video release of Young in June of 2017, The Chainsmokers have come back with a new sound that is darker and more of a reflection on society than ever before, with their new song Sick Boy. It’s lyrics about the effect of social media on their lives is chilling, but their openness about who they are is refreshing.

If you have never heard of The Chainsmokers, or haven’t closely followed them, they first broke into the limelight with the song Roses two years ago. A year later, they released Dont Let Me Down, which hit number 3 in the US. That same year, they released the #1 hit song Closer, showing the world that they are the hit-makers.

This has all culminated to their new album, which currently has no release date. But so far, the duo has released four songs from the album which have gotten over a quarter billion views together in less than 5 months. Sick Boy alone has gotten 175 million views, and speaks to the younger generation, who have become trapped in a social media run world. The song speaks truth about how narcissistic and negative we have become in our life hiding behind a screen, and is a refreshing breath of relief among songs that beg for more fame, or that complain about how hard it is to be rich and popular. The Chainsmokers have hit a balance between upbeat dance songs, and a close look at society, and plan to develop this sound further in their upcoming album.


Equities First Holdings is a leading equities-based provide with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The offices in Indiana were opened in 2002 when the company was established by financial expert Al Christy. One of the things he did when he opened these offices was to ensure that the operations of the company were designed in such a way that it would serve the interest of the people who were most likely to miss financing from the commercial banks due to the regulations which had been set up to deal with the economic crises that had hit the world at the time. The scenario has not yet changed as commercial banks continue to offer loans to a limited group of people who have huge wealth already.

Startups and individuals with low credit ratings have no chance with the commercial banks. So, Equities Fists Holdings services are coming at a time when world needs the services very much.Equities First Holding have only about 15 years in the business and the reception is great. Many people are attracted to their services since they are designed to help the startups and small scale businesses which are establishing themselves and has huge potential of growing into big business organizations in the future.


Since the year 2001 when Telereal Company was started, Graham Edwards has worked as the company’s chief executive officer. Graham has been instrumental in shaping the firm and facilitating its growth, first as Telereal before it changed its name to Telereal Trillium.

Graham Edwards has seen the company through significant developments. A good example is the purchase of Trillium which was previously owned by the Land securities group. The acquisition was made in January 2009, with Graham Edwards leading the negotiations. The corporation was not only transformed into its current state, Telereal Trillium, but it was also advantageous since it placed it at a reasonable position of being known as a pacesetter in property outsourcing.

Under the management of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium has its primary attention on making new guidelines for the businesses that are coming up. These principles are the ones that have seen the company become as successful as it is currently.

With the fact that real estate is mostly not straightforward and is a big challenge to investors, Telereal Trillium serves its customers by trying to eliminate the hardships of the business, making it easy for them to understand.

CPS, known as Centre for Policy Studies, is undergoing a major restructure in each area of its management. The move is aimed at getting new ideas and giving an opportunity for individuals to grow. The shuffle is supposed to ensure that the transition of Britain from the Brexit community will be smooth and assure the voters of a better future (https://thenewsversion.com/2018/03/graham-edwards-telereal/).

There will be four subdivisions of the program, which will be business and enterprise, housing and planning, welfare and finally tax and the cost of living. Alex Morton will lead all the four. The general idea of these policies is to give citizens the opportunity to feel that they have control over their lives and a feeling of ownership and security.

Graham Edwards will soon be joining another company, CPS which is taking new policies in management. The role of Edwards in the company will be that of chairing the housing policy group that is new to the company, and he will also serve as a researcher for CPS.

Wes Edens is the 369 billionaire on the world list. He is the Chairman and Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group along with Peter Briger, Robert Kauffman, Randal Nardone and Michael Edward.He Co-founded Fortress Investment firm in the year 1998. The proceeds went to the five principals including Wes Edens making them top billionaires. In the year 2009, he was chosen to be the Board of Directors of the company. He helped the company to move to a better level in business by working hard and putting in more efforts to ensure that the company remains stable and injecting more resources to meet the company’s expectations.

Wes Edens was the Transportation and Infrastructure investor for two years since May 2015. He is behind the catalyst at Fortress for buying subprime lender Springleaf Financial Services making Fortress the Springleaf’s majority stakeholders.The $124 million investment plan yielded a hooping $3.5billion for Fortress. He served as CEO and President at Capstead Mortgage Corp in the year 2000 to 22nd July 2003. He also worked as a chairman of Florida East Coast Railway Corp from December 2007 to 30th June 207.Before he joined Fortress Firm, he was employed and became the Managing Director of BlackRock Financial Management for four years since 1993. He was also a Managing Director for Lehman Brothers Company between 1987 and 1993.

Fortress employees feel that the Fortress Company is the right place to work.The company always reward, motivates, recognizes hard work and dedication of its employees. In addition, it helps the employees gain more exposure, improve their working skills, and broaden employees’ knowledge base in financial service.Wes Edens is also the owner of the fly Quest team that is already actively participating in the Legends team in North America League Championship Series. It is one of the top performing team in the League. According to BizJournals, his take-home pay is $54.4 million per year.

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Glen Wakeman is an accomplished businessman from Miami, Florida. He had extensive experience in investment and management. He mentors and invest in start-up businesses. He carries over 20 years of experience in finances. As of today, Wakeman is the CEO and creator of LaunchPad Holdings. Glen earned an MBA from the University of Chicago, followed by a BS in Finance/Economics from the University of Scranton. Wakeman is Six Sigma Black Belt certified, a certification only given to those that exhibit sharp leadership qualities.

LaunchPad is a service where entrepreneurs can devise a plan for their start-up company to achieve sustained success. LaunchPad ToolKit recommends tips and advice to available new entrepreneurs in order to achieve sustained progress and success. Investors and advisors have the opportunity to get involved with start-up businesses through LaunchPad.

Glen Wakeman believes in a 5 step methodology. They include leadership, cooperation, execution, damage control/risk management and maintaining a system though governance.

Wakeman was the CEO of Nova Four, a service for rapid business growth and investment opportunity. Throughout his career he has been awarded international and domestic awards for his strategic efforts within the investment industry.

Wakeman served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. During this position, he organized and managed an operation involving a total of 9 countries. This dynamic multi-national company generated revenue in excess of $100 million. This company also employed over 17,000 people. Also during this time, he aligned with new partners and linked with new products.

Wakeman attributes his high curiosity for his ability to quickly problem-solve and discover new and innovative solutions. Glen Wakeman has stated his regret of not keeping in touch with those who helped him along his journey to success. He explains the benefit social media has on the relationship of business partners and advisors. Glen pointed out how critical it is for entrepreneurs to stay well-connected. He advises keeping organized and maintaining connection amongst trusted and helpful business partners. Wakeman has been an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs and has helped pave the path for many entrepreneurs to achieve success.


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The digital era comes with digital advancements. These advancements make it easy for us to go about our normal day-to-day activities without a care in the world. One such advancement is a digital wallet. Most people find it difficult to comprehend why a digital wallet is useful. However, these digital wallet accounts are just as useful as the standard wallet a majority of people use. However, digital wallets have some advantages over a traditional wallet. One major advantage includes it offers the user the power to change various papers and cards using the same mobile device.

Despite it being the same mode of money transfer, digital wallets vary depending on the location and customer practices. In Europe, the major use of a digital wallet is to help customers carry their cash balance. With the help of a digital wallet, they can carry various currencies around such as Euros and Pounds. The digital wallets allow the user to link their debits cards with these accounts and withdraw from the nearest ATM. However, digital wallets have further gained popularity due to cryptocurrency. With digital wallets gaining popularity, PSI-Pay partnered with Kerv to ensure they create the first contactless payment ring in the world.



PSI-Pay is a UK based company that creates an avenue for consumers to make payments and own a digital account. Their offer their services to clients on a worldwide platform. The partnership between Kerv and PSI-Pay uses PSI-Pay’s master card license that allows Kerv customers to pay funds or access funds across the world. With the provision of the digital wallet services, consumers have an easier time switching from traditional banking to digital banking. With strides the company has made, digital banking becomes an easier avenue for everyone to navigate.


With years of experience offering digital services, they have constantly improved made drastic adjustments that ensure their customers have an easier time using digital wallets. Their alliance with Kerv enables the company to manufacture and sell rings rather than create a more sophisticated mobile wallet for their customers. These rings will help the UK citizens make purchases and pay for products and services without using their digital wallet.


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Sean Penn is a celebrated actor with a hundred productions tucked into his belt. He has graced the stage, marked the silver screen, and worked behind the camera. He has earned numerous accolades, top among them being a few best actor Oscars. Penn has even spent time as a corresponded, nabbing some important interviews. He is also known for his philanthropy, most recently with the Haitian Relief Organization he formed after the 2010 earthquake. This year he has hung up all those collective hats to put on a new one. Novelist. His first book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” has already led many critics to suggest the actor go back to acting. Penn, however, is loving the writer’s life and is planning on publishing more books. According to him he is done with being an actor.

Penn is not the first actor to become disenchanted with the movie business. Many actors young and old have retired and moved on to other things. For some it is lack of roles, for others it is the entire business itself. Penn says his reasoning is actually a recognition. He is done with collaboration. The movie business is rife with collaboration. Nothing is 100% yours. You have to deal with collaboration on the script, the direction, even the production. It is also a lot of give and take, as you have to jump through hoops to gain financial backing. Penn is done jumping through those hoops. One thing he loves about the book-making business is that when you finish something you just hand it to one person. You do not even give it to them, you let them look at it, and if they like it they publish it. Bob Honey allows Penn to be completely Penn, produce something that it is all his.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a satire that focuses on a ridiculous premise. It follows a septic tank salesmen, disgruntled by politics, who decides to help the world by becoming an assassin. He targets old people, taking them out with a mallet, to lessen the population on earth. The characters political motivations are of course Penn’s, and the book contains his take on many things. His primary targets are the Trump Organization, which he parodies in the book, and the #MeToo movement. His comments about #MeToo have stirred up some controversy. Penn critiques it scathingly in a six-page poem. The actor has remained unapologetic, defending his work by simply stating it’s a satire. The actor is currently on a book tour and is reportedly enjoying every minute of it. When asked if he planned on writing more, the actor said he has something brewing.


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With technology, everything is changing for the better but with a bit of complexity due to new and emerging technologies. This is so especially in leisure where products can be personalized to suit a myriad of preferences and tastes. For smokers, electronic cigarettes come as a reliable and consistent option but only when one gets the right quality.

With more than 500 brands of e-cigs, one can easily bump on low-quality products that are sold at exorbitant prices. E-cigs sold in gas stations retail stores have limited choices regarding their quality, performance, and value. You can choose from a wide range of e-cigs options available online such as O2Pur. For instance, they have two premium e-liquid in delicious gourmet flavors that are 70/30 mixed blends of hot flavors costing $14.95 for the 60ml bottle and $24.95 for the 120 ml bottle.

O2Pur have their e-liquid permeated with smooth nicotine salts, which makes them act faster and taste better leaving you with a clean feeling. They are available in various flavors such as caramel apple, berry cheesecake, and island breeze with a price of $14.95 for a 60 ml bottle. They have a variety of box mods and accessories to improve your vaping experiences such as glass tank for box mods coming in 220w, 80w and 40w variations, a four port speed charger, 18650 battery, dual coil for box mods, and a six feet mini USB charging cable.

When making a transitioning from smoking to vaping, choosing the right e-cig involves how easily you can use one. It is essential to keep it simple at first and maybe later get sophisticated. A cigar-like is a good bet since it resembles and feels like a cigarette. It has a rechargeable battery and a cartomizer, which is an e-cig refill cartilage.

When one decides to start using e-cigs, the best option is, to begin with, a starter pack that contains everything including battery charger, e-cig batteries, and cartridges. Companies such as O2Pur have shipping arrangements for starter packs which come at a discount. It is important to keep extra cartridges and a spare fully charged battery to avoid the temptation of lighting a cigar when the craving comes, and one does not have an e-cig ready. Buying large stocks of cartridges is inexpensive compared to their long-term value.

It is advisable to use e-cigs the same way a person uses cigarettes. Vapers should mimic the same routine to avoid nicotine withdrawal which is associated with intense cravings. Vape your e-cigs the same number of times you used to puff your cigarette and hold it the same way. To enhance safety, use the same company batteries and chargers and do not mix or match. If they are from O2Pur or any other manufacturer, uses them as directed.

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There’s a wealth of information available about Warren Buffett and his successful conglomerate company Berkshire Hathaway. Known as the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffet has been considered to be an absolute legend and astute businessman, consistently predicting opportunities in the market and growing his self-made company into one of the largest publicly traded firms on the planet.

This is why for many it came as a surprise when Stansberry Research did some additional digging and found uncomfortable truths about the company as well as where it might be headed. Porter Stansberry goes into great detail during his free article about the Berkshire Hathaway, but his analysis boils down to two key points (http://releasefact.com/2018/03/stansberry-research-on-walmart-stock/).

First of all, Stansberry makes clear differentiation between the early strategies of Warren Buffet compared to the present Strategies employed by Berkshire Hathaway. Most notably, Buffet has consistently invested in only the highest quality publicly traded companies. Because these companies were already great there was little that Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway had to do; so long as they have the capital they can expect to receive games from the company.

Berkshire Hathaway has since deviated from the strategy quite a bit. Rather than purchasing from companies that were considered to be inevitable so just Coca-Cola and Gilette, Berkshire Hathaway has branched out into new ventures. These ventures required large amounts of capital and management. In some cases these ventures were regulated to the point of being much more difficult to profit from.

His second point is just the large nature of the company. Warren Buffett himself admits it is much easier to make large games on a smaller portfolio. There is much less to manage in far fewer mistakes are made. Focusing only on what you’re best at your company and your Investments have the best chance to succeed. As Berkshire Hathaway grows it is forced to disregard this philosophy out of necessity, even though it served the company so well for so long.

As a whole, it is a breath of fresh air to see an analysis that is critical of Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. It really goes to show that Stansberry Research is truly dedicated to a diverse set of opinions an open mind regarding investment.


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OSI Group, L.L.C is a privately owned company that deals with increasing value and distributing of foods. Their primary clients are food retailers and branding foods companies. They provide a wide range of food products, and they are suitable for all meals from breakfasts to dinners and desserts.

Some of the company’s products are sausage based breakfast products, beef, chicken and pork products, dough-based products among others. OSI Group started off as Otto and Sons in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois. Since then, the company has always worked to help customers succeed. The company is among the top 100 best food processors globally. It is a multinational company with over 65 facilities in various parts of the world. Their sub-branches operate in about seventeen countries.

With over 20,000 employees, OSI Group can design food products to the taste of a particular client. The nature of the customer’s demand, their specifications and requirements are always prioritized. Customer satisfaction comes first to OSI Group. The foods processed are meats, vegetables, fruits and other protein-based foods. At OSI Group, what you get perfectly fits your order. That is the reason as to why the company has received global recognition as a premier food provider. Thousands of people trust in OSI for expert food solutions that are of high quality, value, and cost-efficient.

According to Sheldon Lavin, the success of a company highly depends on the employees. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the President. The employees are, therefore, skilfully picked. The company provides its employees with a challenging environment that prompts growth and opportunities. Over the many years that they have been in operation, OSI’s innovativeness has stood out the most. Also, their commitment and dedication to both clients and employees are unmatched.

The company was crowned with the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in November 2016. This award was a recognition from the British Safety Council for their good environmental risk management policy. They got this award alongside 17 other market players that met the Council’s requirements.

OSI Group recently acquired a 200,000 square foot facility in Chicago that previously belonged to Tyson Food Plant. This has seen the company increase both its clientele and base of operations. The acquisition will also enhance OSI’s service provision to the ever-growing customer needs. The facility in Aurora made this move in an attempt of improving the efficiency in service provision.

OSI Group info: www.monster.com/jobs/c-osi-group.aspx