Nick Jonas is going on tour and he plans to headline. The tour with Iggy Azalea isn’t going to happen so Nick decided to make something happen on his own. Now people get the chance to see a grown up Jonas brother hit the road and tour on his own.
This could provide some great entertainment for both old and new fans.

Every time that one looks out at Nick Jonas they cannot help but to link him to his brothers. The band, after all, was called the Jonas Brothers. He carries the name. The debut album that he had contained explicit lyrics. It also had a lot of sexy songs like the one that he just released. This is for the new fans of Nick Jonas. He wanted to separate himself from the old younger version of himself that was part of the band.

The reality is that he cannot really do this though. He is headlining on a tour, and he only has one solo album. He cannot help but to break out some old songs from the time that he toured with the Jonas Brothers. If he doesn’t his concert will be super short. The team behind and the investors at Madison Street Capital think what he will probably be able to do is strip some songs down and change the arrangement. This is always a creative way for a new artist with limited songs to stretch out music for their shows.

Mariah Carey has a lot of stamina for a mother of two. Not only is Mariah performing at her residency in Las Vegas, but Mariah also took time out to perform at the Billboard Music Awards. Mariah Billboard. Mariah performed the song “Infinity.” Many have criticized Mariah, saying that her music is not as good as it used to be. Many are also saying that Mariah can no longer hit the high notes, which she has proven to be untrue. Those who are able to enjoy Mariah’s residency in Las Vegas, they’ve seen how good Mariah Carey still is.

Although Mariah has a performance at Caesar’s Palace at 8 p.m., she was able to show up at the Billboard Music Awards to do her performance at 5 p.m. the same day. Mariah had to cancel a show at Caesar’s Palace on Wednesday because she came down with bronchitis. Many who were scheduled to see her shows later in the week, they feared that she would be too sick to perform. Mariah did not disappoint as she performed both shows in the same day.

Mariah was one of the many stars that showed up for the Billboard Music Awards. Even reality stars like the Jenner sisters showed up to the awards ceremony. Ludacris was a co-host for the night, and he took the time to pay a tribute to Paul Walker, who died in a car accident over a year ago. The team at and the guys over at Boraie Development LLC were touched by the tribute.

Everyone’s favorite classic rock band, Lynyrd Skynyrd will be teaming up with Brantley Gilbert on June 5, 2015 to sing on stage for CMT’s Crossroads television show. Back in 2004 Skynyrd performed with Montgomery Gentry for Crossroads, making this their encore performance. The thought crossing everyone’s minds is if Lynyrd Skynyrd will perform the same hits they sang with the rocking country band back in 2004. Just the pairing up alone of Skynyrd and Brantley Gilbert is enough to put fans on the edge of their seat. Fans like Sam Tabar know that both bands have their own unique style of mixing country music with rock which leaves everyone wondering what kind of performance is going to be given. Although Skynyrd is now missing band member Billy Powell who was the main man behind free bird, the band still his holding on strong and preparing themselves for a jaw-dropping performance. For more information on the performance and air date click here. The concert set for June 5th in Franklin, Tennessee will not be aired on CMT until June 27th at 10:00 P.M./ET.

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Demi Lovato is one of the greatest singers of the last decade. She has created several hit songs earlier in her career. Demi Lovato’s most successful song is called “Heart Attack,” and it was the most downloaded song on her album. Demi has inspired many people with her music. She has so many fans that she regularly gets asked for her autograph in many awkward situations. Recently, Demi Lovato went to the gynecologist. During her routine checkup at the gynecologist, the doctor asked her for an autograph for her daughter. Demi Lovato says that she told the doctor that she’s got to be kidding. Demi recently told E! that she can’t even get a wax done without someone asking her for her autograph.

Demi Lovato believes that her vagina is famous, because it seems like everyone asks her for her autograph during weird situations. However, many fans say that they love her, and they would ask her for her autograph in any situation. Demi says that it can get so annoying, and from now on, she will only sign autographs when she is wearing clothes, which is funny to Daniel Amen. It seems that Demi Lovato cannot handle the pressures of being famous anymore. For more information on this story, visit E!

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Kylie Jenner has had a rough time this week, not only is she apparently at odds with her mother, dealing with her father going public about his journey towards womanhood but she is also dealing with a public battle with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna. The feud got ugly just days ago when Chyna posted screenshots of Tyga texting her asking to get back together and start their family over.

Of course seeing Tyga beg his ex to take him back could not have been fun for Kylie and rumor has it that she has decided to give him the boot after being humiliated on Instagram. Bruce Karatz isn’t sure what to believe after reading things on
Clearly Kylie needed some chill time to brighten her mood, and who better to lift her spirits than her big sister Khloe? Kylie posted a video to her Instagram of her getting a piggy back ride from French Montana, as her sister Khloe recorded making jokes about her big butt. The video is funny, but everyone knows Kylie is probably just showing Tyga that she can have a great time without him. Also why is French back in the picture? Can Khloe just kick him to the curb already?

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If you’re a big fan of the band The Killers like OrganoGold CEO Bernardo Chua, then you are probably wondering when they are going to come out with a new album. You’re probably getting anxious and hoping that they release one soon. And if so, you are going to be disappointed to find out that some of their members are ready for a break from touring and all of that. They won’t be coming out with an album too soon, but their singer will be.
Brandon Flowers is releasing a solo album. All of you Killers fans out there may be disappointed that the band itself isn’t putting an album out but at least you are getting something. And it may be something even better.
Seeing people go out and try things on their own, away from their band, can be interesting and I’m sure the fans are going to have mixed opinions about Brandon Flowers’ new album. But, if you are a true Killer’s fan, you should love it. Especially since you won’t be hearing anything from the band anytime soon.

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There are some big star collaborations that you expect to see. Chris Brown has worked with a lot of people. Fans have been waiting to hear him with Beyonce. Fans don’t have to wait any longer. There is a remix of jealous that pairs the two stars together.

Chris Brown, much like Beyonce, is a work horse. He appears on remixes and collaborates with artists like Tyga, Nicki Minaj and Omarion this year. All of this has given him a growing fan base. He got in trouble with the law, but he never seemed to stop working. That is just what Brown has been known for in the last several years.
Beyonce has been rather quiet since releasing her surprise album, which those on Facebook can understand. She released some remixes from the album, but somehow the Chris Brown remix failed to appear on the reissue of the album, and Sergio Cortes didn’t know why. Now it has been leaked. The world of Beyonce and Chris Brown have been rejoicing about this “Jealous” remix. It dates back to more than 2 years ago, but fans were still pleased to hear these 2 harmonize together. It has certainly become a track that has been downloaded a lot since it was released.

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Jake Miller got to meet one of his idols when he decided to stop by Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour and watch the show which was being held in Miami his hometown. Justin Bieber was hanging out in the artist dressing rooms and Jake Miller got to spend an hour with him keeping him company.

Susan McGalla told us that Jake posted a photo on instagram saying how happy he is to be taking a picture with one of his idols, and that he has looked up to Justin for a long time now. Jake told MTV news in an interview that it was the best experience of his life, and he couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Jake tells MTV and his instagram followers about Justin Bieber saying he is the coolest person ever. All he was is a normal humble guy who was cool to hang out with. He didn’t see the side of Justin that the media tries to portray, he says. The two played each other their new music and they exchanged numbers in case Bieber decides to make a colab with upcoming hiphop/pop star Jake Miller.

Jake just released the music video for his song “Dazed and Confused”.

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A lot of the talk about the One Direction band member Zayn Malik leaving has left fans wondering whether the band was just as surprised as the fans where about him leaving, or if the band knew all along and have been planning the best way to tell their fans about the news.

On Twitter, Liam Payne one of the band members posted in a tweet saying that it has been a strange 24 hours. And in another post from Harry Style, he said he has love for the fans as always for the support. Nial Also took to twitter to express his gratitude over all the fans support and understanding.

The band’s 5th album is coming out later this year, and it will be their first album without Zayn which may change things up. The band promises their fans that they will be working on their new music harder than they ever have before and Susan McGalla is definitely looking forward to that. They don’t want to let down any of the fans and feel an obligation to release their best album yet.

Things aren’t easy for the boys who literally went from nothing to the most famous boy band in the world in 5 small years.

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Stars ranging in styles from ZZ Top to Cee Lo Green gathered at Carnegie Hall to honor the music and influence of David Byrne, leader of the Talking Heads and innovator of music since 1975. A pregnant Amanda Palmer read the lyrics to Once In A Lifetime in an art-pop spoken word performance complete with dancers and catchy style.

Brooklyn native soul singer, Sharon Jones, performed a hauntingly beautiful version of Psycho Killer. According to a web article she turned the song into her own song, bending notes and doing things with her voice that sent chills up your spine. The concert moved the audience to dance and sing throughout the evening.

The energy level was high for this 2+ hour event. David Byrne performed with the 21-piece Brooklyn United Marching Band to close out the show, followed by the band’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ hit Uptown Funk.